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Your Financial Cheat Sheet

Every journey begins with a single step - and the road to financial wellness is no different. The Money Atlas provides powerful guidance to help you make informed decisions about saving, spending, investing — and everything else in between.

You know what's even better? It's included free simply by purchasing the Smart Money Plan. Not ready to commit? You can purchase this booklet separately to give you a taste of what the Smart Money Plan has to offer.

Reader Review

“[This] book is really good. It covers all of the financial concerns that people need to think about, plan for and act on. It is designed to be an easy and pleasant to read document on topics that people often avoid thinking about. [You] can read through the whole book in a fairly short time to get a good idea of what it is all about, then go back and click on the various links at [your] own pace.”

-Geoff from Oakland, CA

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