Explore Your Money Mindset

Our money mindset is heavily influenced at a young age, and it affects our life more than we may realize. Since this isn't something you learn in school - or anywhere else for that matter! - we recommend these great resources to help explore your own relationship with money:

Write your Money Biography with the 5 Week Money Challenge

This sister course is designed to help you unlock your money mindset. Delve into therapeutic practices and life planning techniques, exploring exercises and thought-provoking prompts that will help you create a vision of your ideal lifestyle. Taken together, these courses will enhance your success and strengthen your results.

The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Doing well with money isn't necessarily about what you know. It's about how you behave. And behavior is hard to teach, even to really smart people.

The field of finance is typically presented as a mathematical one. However, people in the real world don't use spreadsheets to make important financial decisions..

To help you better understand one of life's most important themes, award-winning author Morgan Housel presents 19 short stories in his book The Psychology of Money.

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